Get To Know The Soon-To-Be Record Holder For Traveling To Every Country On Earth

01.16.17 3 years ago 4 Comments

Cassie De Pecol doesn’t do things the easy way. When she decided to travel to the world, she didn’t just hit the same countries every other traveler visits. She decided to see all of them.

Every single sovereign nation in the on earth. And she’s going to be the fastest person ever and first woman to do so.

It’s an incredibly ambitious goal, but one that Cassie is more than capable of finishing. In fact she’s nearly done. She’s visited 193 countries so far, and she’s done so with grace and compassion. See, Cassie isn’t just traveling with the “let’s party” mindset of many 20-something wanderers, she’s intent on changing the world.

As she traverses the globe, she works to promote peace through sustainable tourism. She’s so passionate about this cause that she’s spent time in dozens of countries speaking on the topic. She’s driven to help people and the environment and her travels reflect that passion.

I caught up with Cassie just before she jetted off to visit the final three countries on her list.

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