How To Ski Internationally On A Domestic Budget This Winter

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I didn’t grow up skiing, and when I decided to learn as an adult, I severely underestimated how difficult it would be. I thought I’d click on a pair of skis and some kind of instinct would kick in. Then I’d be able to shred with my friends in no time. It never occurred to me that I’d spend days on the bunny slopes, just trying to get to the bottom without falling down. And while most of this was my fault — I have very minimal athletic ability and am overly optimistic when it comes to trying new things — some of it wasn’t my fault.

Apparently, the East Coast isn’t the best place to learn how to ski — especially near New York City, where I live. Most of the mountains rely on fake snow, which is typically incredibly slushy or dangerously icy. According to my ski instructor, if I really wanted to learn I’d either have to go west or head to Europe. I laughed when I heard this. Skiing in Europe seemed like a far off fantasy. My concept of the kind of accommodations required for a European ski trip were those only suited for royalty or the rich kids of Instagram.

That is, until an accidental click of a seemingly spammy email lead me to learn about tiny little ski village called Valmorel.

Valmorel is in the Tarentaise Valley in France’s Savoie region — a mountaintop village that was only established in 1976, and is a haven for both beginner and advanced skiers alike. With a ton of blue and green trails, in addition to red and black, there are pretty sweet conditions and unbeatable views. The town is also home to a few chic chalet-style resorts (which makes perfect sense), and one Club Med (which sounds nonsensical).

If you ever actually clicked on one of those thousands of promotional emails that you get from Club Med, you’d know that Club Med is an all inclusive family chain resort; a beachfront staple in any warm, sandy town. Unbeknownst to me, it’s apparently also a ski front staple, with over 20 ski resorts worldwide. Back in 2011, the ski town of Valmorel welcomed the Club Med Valmorel, further expanding their geographic reach. It’s a confusing concept for me to swallow, because if I’m being honest, I’m not the all inclusive beach hotel chain type. But when I saw the prices — rooms during the ski season start as low as $194 a night — and realized that I could take a cheap flight into Geneva — my nonstop flight from NYC was about $400— and get a free transfer to the hotel, I decided to say what the hell and treat myself to a 30th birthday international ski trip on a domestic budget.

Before booking, I decided to check my impulse buy against the competition. A direct flight to Aspen and it was $150 more than my Geneva flight (plus no luggage and no WINE!). Once I had that information in front of me, it became a no brainer. I was going to France for a long weekend, and at the very least, I knew I’d get a passport stamp, some ski-vibe Instagrams and access to a few buffets…if not a positively memorable ski experience.

Here’s what I learned along the way: