Dads Everywhere Are Suddenly Taking ‘Cheerio Stacking’ Very Seriously

Cheerios are serious business these days, at least among dads with sleeping children. The hilarious new Cheerio Challenge (yeah, there’s a hashtag for that) is deceptively simple and ridiculously entertaining.

The rules: stack as many Cheerios as you can on your sleeping child’s face. Generic o-shaped cereal would probably work too, if you’re that kind of parent. The challenge originated when Life of Dad blogger Patrick Quinn stacked eight Cheerios on his newborn’s nose and posted the photo to the blog’s Facebook page.

With that, the #cheeriochallenge was born. And of course, like all things on the internet, it took off like wildfire.

It’s a simple premise that comes with many unforeseen challenges. First of all, there’s the obvious question of how high you can make the tower of Cheerios before it topples over. Then there’s the issue of having too much fun — apparently it’s difficult to stack Cheerios when you’re giggling like a maniac and trying not to wake your sleeping child in the process.

The contenders are many, but here are some of the best (and, yes, cutest) Cheerio Challenge photos from Instagram:

The current record appears to be sixteen stacked Cheerios. Of course, there are those who consider the rules of the challenge to be flexible and/or didn’t have Cheerios on hand and instead decided to get creative.

There are also the stacks that are literally unbelievable. We’re not saying they’re Photoshopped or superglued. All we’re saying is, we need to see some video proof before we can believe these feats of cereal engineering.

The hashtag might disappear into internet oblivion in a week, but the photos will be around forever. Whatever you do dads, make sure you keep having fun with your kids.