The Trailer For Netflix’s ‘Chef’s Table: BBQ’ Takes Us Deep Into A World Of Smoke And Fire

Hot on the heels of this summer’s Street Food: Latin America on Netflix, the Chef’s Table team is back to their flagship franchise with the latest iteration of the epic, visually arresting, and Emmy nominated Chef’s Table. The new series, Chef’s Table: BBQ, is taking us deep into the wild world of BBQ to highlight just how universal cooking food over an open flame really is.

The new, shortened iteration of the series will tell the stories of four different barbecue legends over four episodes while deep-diving into all of the juicy and smokey secrets of the craft. Of course, the heightened sense of style and deeply personal storytelling remain in sharp focus on the screen.


The series will open in Texas with a true legend, Tootsie Tomanetz — an 85-year-old grandma who controls her pits with her senses and doesn’t need a thermometer to tell her when it’s time to cook. Next, the show will travel to Australia and immerse us in the world of chef Lennox Hastie, who returned home to cook with fire after a stint at Spain’s Extebarri (a place considered by many to be the best restaurant in the world). Next, the show will travel to South Carolina to get into whole-hog barbecuing with James Beard-winning pitmaster Rodney Scott. Finally, Rosalia Chay Chuc closes out the new slate of episodes by highlighting millennia-old Mayan barbecue techniques, which have turned her small town of Yaxunah into a culinary destination for chefs (and foodies) from all over the globe.

We have to admit, the trailer alone is filling us with a strong desire to hop on a plane again to taste all these foods for ourselves. Of course, that’s not possible just yet, so for now we’re just going to have to live vicariously through Chef’s Table: BBQ for a bittersweet reminder of the civilizations-long tradition of communing over the coals to savor delicious food.

Chef’s Table: BBQ” premieres on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020 on Netflix.