McDonald’s Could Be Rolling Out ‘Cleaner’ McNuggets In Time For The Olympics

Contrary to what playground mythology has taught us, Chicken McNuggets are not a snack made from used spokesclowns. These golden McDonald’s morsels are a chicken-based offering, plus some other items that aren’t exactly sexy items to list in your ingredient rundown. In the latest bit of McDonald’s restrategizing (something they’ve done a lot lately), the fast food giant is giving their reliable McNugget a makeover and it’s one we might be able to experience by the time the Olympics roll around. Clutch your sauce packets tightly, everybody.

According to a Peter Frost penned report in Crain’s Chicago Business, McDonald’s is trying their hand at “cleaner-label” McNuggets. The makeover would see these stand-bys re-emerge with a “simpler recipe” and that would include ditching preservatives. These new nuggets have already infiltrated 140 McDonald’s locations in southwest Washington and metro Portland. If all goes according to plan, these new McNuggets would be rolled out across the country in time for the Olympics.

“This is very much a test,” said McDonald’s spokesperson Becca Hary in a statement to Crains. She did not confirm that a national rollout would be in the cards, but she did note that consumers “have responded favorably” to the McNuggets offered in the test markets. Feel free to take a moment to determine if you have an opinion on Pacific Northwest fast food consumption habits if that’ll help increase or decrease your expectation level.

“Improving” an already popular item is always a tricky proposition (howdy new Coke!), but McDonald’s has made a habit of trotting out new ideas over the past while. Considering that the company has racked up its third straight increased sales quarter, evidence suggests that McDonald’s is scoring rewards for its risk-taking. Consider us intrigued to see what this fabled new McNugget has in store and if it also possesses the ability to rap.

(via Crain’s Chicago Business)