Why Are Chicken Plant Workers Forced To Wear Diapers On The Job?


In yet more evidence of how corrupt our food industry is, an Oxfam report found that workers at four major chicken manufacturers were regularly denied bathroom breaks, or were allowed such a short amount of time to use the facilities that many had resorted to wearing diapers on the factory floor.

According to Vice News, Oxfam conducted three years worth of research at Tyson Foods, Perdue Farms, Sanderson Farms, and Pilgrim’s Pride, including conducting hundreds of interviews. They found that the pressure of keeping up with the speed of the production line was so great that workers taken to wearing Pampers instead of trying to go to the bathroom. In many cases, workers could only go to the bathroom during a half-hour lunch break, a feat made impossible by the fact that they would have to take off their uniforms, eat lunch, wait in line for the bathroom, and then go back to work, all in that short period of time.

The report also notes that some workers were told to limit the amount of water they drink in order to urinate less. As a result, many of them developed UTIs. These could become complicated to treat, since many workers developed a resistance to antibiotic UTI treatments, due to the amount of antibiotics used in chickens by the industry they work in.

There’s a lot of damning stuff in the report, which you can read here.

(via Vice News)