UPDATED: Here’s What You Need To Know About Coca-Cola’s Shady Nonprofit

12.02.15 2 years ago 3 Comments

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Let’s take a trip back to August. The days are long, summer is still in full swing, and Coca-Cola’s link to the Global Energy Balance Network, a health nonprofit, has just been discovered.

“But really,” Coke said (figuratively), “even though we’ve provided the $1.5 million needed to start the nonprofit, we have absolutely no say in what they’re doing. We’re just, you know, interested in health and stuff.”

Even back then things looked shady. For starters, the Global Energy Balance Network’s entire mission was to convince Americans that they were too fixated on calories and healthy eating and needed to be more concerned with exercise and living active lives. Beyond that, it was discovered that the organization’s website, GEBN.org, was registered to Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta, and that the soft drink giant was listed as a site administrator.

“Bros, it’s no big deal,” GEBN said (essentially). “We just don’t know how to register websites like Coke does, see?”

And from the mouth of University of Colorado School of Medicine professor and president of GEBN, James O. Hill (literally this time), “They’re not running the show. We’re running the show.”

Except it was a lie.

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