A New Dine-In Movie Theater Has Come Up With An Innovative Tactic To Silence Noisy Eaters


As dine-in movie theaters such as the Alamo Drafthouse and Movie Tavern are on the rise, there is also a growing faction of viewers who are ready to skip the experience altogether thanks to noisy eaters. One man over in the UK recently even made it his mission to ban movie-theater popcorn altogether after he claimed that his Star Wars: The Force Awakens viewing experience was ruined by unwashed children shoving the snack into their gaping maws.

While I wish that guy a sincerest “good luck with that,” over here in the states, one theater has come with a slightly more practical solution to movie crunchers. Syndicated, a 60-seat Williamsburg, Brooklyn movie theater and restaurant that opened last Friday, will serve only crunch-free fingers foods to cut down on the sounds of chomping and clattering silverware.

Instead of popcorn, Syndicated will serve popcorn-fried oysters, as well as other dishes such as peanut butter and banana sandwiches and pork-stuffed tater-tots.

Manager Tim Chung explains the thinking behind the new concept:

“People are going to the movies less and less, and I felt puzzled and heartbroken by that,” he said. “So I wanted to make the movie-going experience more special, and I wanted to jazz it up by adding booze and really good food.”

Will the popcorn-free theater experience catch on? As great as it is that a variety of different new businesses are popping up to provide consumers with customized film-going experiences, there’s still something to be said for catching a flick on discount night and sneaking in your own single serve boxes of wine and gummy bears. Or that could just be me.

(Via BrooklynPaper)