Zachary Levi Insists That Disneyland’s Turkey Legs Are Actually Made From Emu

Life Writer


Disneyland is a great theme park. It’s full of great rides. It’s legitimately a cool space. And there’s a lot of crazy and good food. One of the park’s biggest sellers (both parks actually) are the enormous turkey legs you can buy and gnaw on as you wander from ride to ride. Disney sells 1.6 million of those bad boys every year. That’s 800,000 turkeys folks. That’s a lot of turkey. Or not. Because it may not be turkey at all. There are some people out there who are convinced that the turkey is actually emu.


Zachary Levi stopped by Conan to promote his new show with Disney — Tangled: The Series — and exposed his love for all things built by Mickey. Then Levi dropped his food bomb on a very shocked Conan. Levi claims that people who work at the theme park have told him that the turkey legs are actually made of emu. Conan’s reaction was pricelessly incredulous with a high-pitched, “No they’re not!”

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