Oscar Mayer Is Looking For ‘Hot Doggers’ To Drive Their Wienermobile Again

If you’re a graduating journalism student who is looking for your first big piece to get your career rolling, how does “America Through The Eyes of A Weinermobile” sound? Because real talk: we’d read that. Oscar Mayer is currently on the hunt for new “Hot-Doggers” to ride around the country in their iconic Wienermobile, which is essentially every hot dog lover’s dream jobRight?

Maybe. It comes with a high number of non-hot-dog-eating-related job responsibilities. The company is looking for college graduates with a BA or BS in journalism, public relations, advertising, communications, or marketing to act as traveling brand ambassadors for a full year with full-time pay, though they are open to applicants who have studied in other fields.

Your duties will include representing the brand in radio and television appearances, newspaper interviews, during grocery retail and charity functions, and taking part in what Oscar Mayer is very unwisely calling “Meat and Greets.” But you do get to travel and ride around in the Wienermobile, and those are the types of experience that stay with you for life. Still, if anyone ever says to you “Yo, meet me in the gas station parking lot off Highway 91 for the Wienermobile meat and greet!” you need to run, because we’re pretty sure that you’re being set up for a grisly gas station parking lot sex-murder. And that is a dark way to go.

Digressions aside! To apply to be a hot-dogger, submit a resume and cover letter here. Hot dogger’s enjoy competitive pay, as well as paid expenses, and benefits.