This Photographer Delves Deep to Unveil The Truth Within His Subjects

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Eric Berry

Photographer Eric Berry is a rare find. He’s a Jack-of-all-trades with a camera, laughingly comparing himself to Kanye West — in that he can be placed in any situation and deliver something awesome. Truth be told, his portfolio backs up that braggadocio, with his portraits, in particular, standing out.

When asked about these photos, Berry chalks their magic up to the intersection of his two college majors. He studied anthropology and film with a focus on cinematography. However, he wasn’t unfamiliar with various aspects of photography, as he worked in the university’s tech lab, where he helped students with rental equipment. His film work caught the eye of his eventual manager — who became a huge fan, determined to bring the young man from the world of moving images into that of still ones. To do so, he tried to convince Beery that photos were the perfect means to pick up women.

Ultimately, Berry was more drawn to travel opportunities than to those proffered by the opposite sex, and his work began to chronicle the lives of people around the globe. His rise to prominence is both a product of his technical talent and his passion for capturing moments that seem otherwise ignored. For example, when Berry was visiting Budapest in 2015, the Syrian refugee situation was active. In response to an influx of refugees attempting to reach Western Europe, the Prime Minister of Hungary shut down the train station preventing people from moving further across the continent. For two days, people fleeing an untenable situation set up camp in the Keleti train station, and Berry was on hand to tell their stories in images.

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