This Map Of Favorite Tourist Attractions In Each State Gives Us All Something New To Argue About

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There’s nothing quite like doing stuff in places! But not everybody likes to do the same stuff in all the places which is why this map created by is so wonderfully controversial. The website, which boasts “deals on cheap family holidays,” took each of TripAdvisor’s number one “Things To Do” in all of the fifty, nifty United States and stuck them on a map. Now we will go through and examine some of the opinions of TripAdvisor reviewers!

First, the map:

Now, let’s acknowledge that not all of these number one “Things To Do” are particularly difficult to agree with. For example, White Sands National Monument is very cool and as of yesterday, dogs love it:

We brought our dogs here and they LOVED it

It was a nice day with little wind sonno blowing sand which was a good thing.

They sell or rent sleds for sledding down the dunes. We didn’t do this but saw many others reciting this activity.

I highly recommend bare feet. The sand feels so good!

Somewhere between a dream and reality. Sunset at the largest gypsum dune field in the world.

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How can you not be interested in West Virginia’s lunatic asylum? And the Blue Ridge Parkway is special, so we’re glad the only negative things people could say reflect their own bad planning:

I was impressed with the diversity – cow pastures, quaint cabins, and frequent lookout points. However, this was “terrible” because fog rolled in the day we went…. and it stayed the whole day. My advice is make sure the forecast says “clear” before the journey. I will return one day for the views I’m sure I missed.

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