This Football Player Uses His On-Field Confidence To Build A Fly Off-Field Wardrobe

As the number one high school football player in his class in Arizona, sophomore Steven Ortiz Jr. may command quite a bit of attention on the field. But off it, he turns just as many heads. With so many people looking at him and up to him, he has to make sure he looks good.

“From head to toe,” Ortiz Jr. says. “My shirt’s gotta be clean, and my shoe game’s especially gotta be on point.”

Style has always been important to the football star and cultivating his unique look is a priority. He stands out already by being an exceptional athlete, why would he be conventional when it came to his clothes?

“I’m a trend maker,” the young athlete says. “ I don’t want to copy what everyone else does.”

For Ortiz Jr., being the best at anything requires taking risks. So it’s natural for him to let that attitude inform his style. He lives his whole life with a confident swagger and his look is treated as just an extension of his energy. Isn’t that all any of us can ask from our appearance? That it reflects something essential about who we are? Ortiz Jr.’s great style shows that while he’s an extraordinary football player, that’s not all he is. He shines just as much walking down the street in a pair of bright kicks as he does winning a Friday night game.

That’s a cool gift for an already very gifted young man to have.

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