Watch How To Make The Famous Pasta Sauce From ‘Goodfellas’

“In prison, dinner was always a big thing.”

So begins the greatest food scene ever filmed. Forget Mind of a Chef, Paulie’s system for garlic is epic. It’s a very good system.

Last week, we brought you Binging with Babish‘s take on Ross’s exquisitely named ‘Moistmaker’ from Friends. This week, Andrew Rea is tackling Scorsese’s famous prison sauce, which includes “Three small onions!”

The video is straightforward and fantastic — nailing the best scene in one of our all-time favorite movies. Just one complaint from this food writer, whenever I’ve been taught to cook Italian (which is often because of my heritage), handling the sausages with anything that might cut the skin has been treated like sacrilege. I was always taught, “With your ‘and! You only move eet with yourrrrr ‘and!”


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