You’d Be Wise To Follow Gordon Ramsay’s Three Golden Rules For Dining Out

06.03.17 2 years ago 3 Comments

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When Gordon Ramsay isn’t busy making incredibly addictive cooking-centric television or acquiring Michelin stars at his restaurants around the globe, he’s just a casual customer just like you and me. Between all of Ramsay’s experiences as an award-winning chef, television personality, and customer, he knows a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to how restaurants operate, and he’s now sharing his three golden rules diner’s should keep in mind when eating out. According to the Daily Mail, Ramsay recently revealed his three most valued tips for eating out:

1) Avoid the specials, especially if the specials menu is super-long.
2) Be suspicious of anything with vague unwarranted titles like “world famous” attached to them
3) Know how to get the hookup on some unpublished cheap wine specials

Pretty good advice on the first glance, but some of it requires a bit of context. When it comes to the first tip, Ramsay warns that sometimes a special isn’t a special, it’s just a second menu:

Specials are there to disappear throughout the evening. When they list 10 specials, that’s not special.

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