The Least Expensive, Easiest Ways To Be An Eco Warrior

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04.10.17 2 Comments


Too often, tips for “going green” involve installing solar panels on a home you don’t own or buying a hybrid car you can’t afford. It can be deflating, but there are a lot of under-discussed ways to follow your conscience without busting your budget.

You just need to know how to do it, so here are a few suggestions:

Buy Solar And Wind Power

The nice thing about solar’s rise is that you can get the benefits without having to spend thousands. Most utilities offer the option for you to buy at least some of your electricity from solar or wind panels, as they invest in renewables, and choosing that option will not only make your power use more green, it’ll send a message that you want more renewable power.

Pick The Right Power Strip

Nobody walks from room to room unplugging things except the cheapest of us, because, well, that’s a pain. Besides, why do that when you can get a power strip to do it for you?

Ideally, if you’ve got the money, look for an “advanced” power strip — one with technology that reduces “vampire” loads that drive up your power bill by shutting down power to devices you’re not using. A few of these tend to pay for themselves, as you’re coughing up less for your bill, but even a simple strip with a switch you flick off when you’re done will do better for both the environment and your wallet.

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