Learning The Lost Art Of Grinding Your Own Burgers

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07.20.17 3 Comments

If you really want to elevate your burger game and treat every week like it’s burger week, there’s a strong case to be made for grinding your own patties. Aside from avoiding the unfortunate reality of pink slime (made from cheap pieces of scrap meat), the increasing risks of foodborne illnesses, and the fact that your average pound of ground chuck from a supermarket can be made from dozens (or hundreds) of cows, grinding meat yourself is generally a safer, cheaper, and healthier alternative than buying it off the shelf.

Best of all, is that creating a patty that’s 100% customized to your personal taste is absolutely delicious. You want a straight up, lean all-beef patty, you can do that. Should you choose to mix it up by adding hunks of bacon fat and bleu cheese, you can do that, too. With the right equipment and mastering a few basic steps, you can create a custom burger that’s calibrated to your taste buds and limited only by your wildest imagination (within reason, of course).

Choose The Right Meat Grinder

For me, this was an easy one. Several years ago, when cleaning out my late grandmother’s apartment, I ended up inheriting most of her old kitchen supplies, which included an old Economy 10 meat grinder. After I got it home and clamped it onto my countertop, I haven’t yet perused the ground meat section of any local supermarket since. Granted, the somewhat laborious task of a manually-powered meat grinder isn’t for everyone. If that’s the case, there are no shortage of options. A quick search on Google will reveal a multitude of choices, from the hand-powered to the electronic, all priced to fit a variety of budgets. Even better, if you already own a food processor or an automatic mixer of some kind, chances are there’s a meat grinder attachment out there, which could save you some valuable cabinet space.

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