This Tim Burton Tribute Of A Halloween House Trumps All Others

It’s probably fair to say that when you walk past the decorated houses in your neighborhood tonight for Halloween, none of them will hold a candle to artist, photographer and baker, Christine McConnell’s fantastic transformation of her parents’ home into a modern day House of Horrors. The house appears almost alive as it seems to resemble some kind of demonic entity. Any Trick-or-Treater with the intestinal fortitude to be in the vicinity of the house, let alone walk up the steps, will be treated to a true piece of artistic achievement.

This is not the first time that McConnell has changed her parents’ home for All Hallows Eve. Previously, (which can be found on her Instagram account here), she turned their house into a spooky homage to all things Tim Burton.

On her Instagram account, McConnell reveals that she utilized foam-core insulation board and a pale green light outside the house at night, to give the house a particularly creepy vibe. Dabbling in strange things is nothing out of the ordinary for McConnell. She’s a Jill of All Trades who has a cookbook entitled, Deceptive Desserts coming out soon which could best be described as a Gothic Betty Crocker. With insanely macabre recipes (including something that appears like a Mogwai’s head for breakfast), her own clothes that she designs, her artwork, and photography, McConnell is an insanely busy woman.

Let’s just hope that she’s not too busy to touch up her parents home again next Halloween. I can only shudder to think what horrific imagery she will be able to conjure up next year.

(Via Bustle)