Previewing High Sierra Music Fest, Your Jammy Summer Road Trip Destination

Jay Blakesberg

It’s no secret we love festivals and road tripping. We spend a lot of time at crisscrossing the country to visit fests big and small over the summer — highlighting the most inventive, free-wheeling, and epic events this nation has to offer. There’s just something undeniably magical that draws us to snapping on wristbands like moths to the flame.

The music, the people, the joy of losing yourself in another world for a few days. It’s one of the best parts of summer. Maybe the best. Especially if there’s a nice long summer drive and a few roadside ice cream stops involved.

While many festivals come crashing into the scene with their bigness and jam-packed lineups, there’s something particularly special about a festival that sticks to its roots. Not every fest can afford Cardi B and Billie Eilish, after all. On July 4th-7th, High Sierra Music Festival will host their 29th festival in a row. That means that for nearly three decades they’ve been winning the hearts and loyalty of festival goers.

Here are a few reasons why the event has endured in an increasingly crowded festival landscape.

If You Like Guitar-Driven Jams (Or Electronic Jams)… This Is Your Jam.

High Sierra Music Festival

The line-up is all encompassing when it comes to genres. Indie rock, bluegrass, dance, electronic, funk, and pure folk. You will never be without. A few shows we will be sure not to miss: Leftover Salmon, Mandolin Orange, Dispatch, Cha Wa, The Polish Ambassador… you get the idea.

Sure, jammy music isn’t necessarily where the zeitgeist is right this moment, but up in the mountains bands like Dispatch soak into your soul and leave you deeply happy.

A Party With Chill.

Jay Blakesberg

Located in Quincy, California, High Sierra it’s a pretty idyllic place to spend a summer weekend. Any summer weekend. There’s just something about mountain towns after the snow melts.

Nestled on the western slope of the Sierra Nevadas, the town itself is quaint and filled with only what you need — a brewery, some restaurants, and a few local shops to grab whatever it is you forgot. It’s seriously low-key in all the best ways.

One Of A Kind Camping.

Benjamin Wallace

There are many campsites, spaces for tents, RV’s and campervans. This includes the much loved Big Meadow where you quite literally never have to leave the music. Camping of this caliber creates community and you’ll feel it from the moment you arrive.

Small Vibe Energy.

Jay Blakesberg

Most festivals try and pack you in with another 50,000 people, creating a hectic, line filled, sweaty weekend. Not High Sierra. They keep the vibe high with a max capacity of 10,000 people so not only do you have room to breathe, but it’s easier to meet people and make instant connections.

Is it a destination festival by definition of a huge name lineup? Maybe not, but the true destination, in this case, is the familial vibes created and the fun times had by all. Perfect for the northern Cal swing of your epic summer road trip.