This Belgian Brewery Wants To Pay You Cash Money To Take A Vacation


Spraaaaaaaaaaaaang Breeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaak. For most of us, those two words conjure images of raucous parties, MTV Beach House madness, dancing and “woo!”ing until your feet and vocal cords are too tired to go on. But a brewery overseas wants to change that—at least, for a lucky few travelers.

Belgian brewery Hoegaarden is hosting what they’ve dubbed a “Slowed Down Spring Break,” an alternative Spring Break experience. If the words “alternative Spring Break” conjure images of people dropping into the middle of developing countries for a week to do a few hours of feel-good work and take lots of photos, don’t worry. Instead, if you win, you and a friend get airfare and accommodations for a May 11-15 trip to Hoegaarden, the small village after which the brewery is named, and $1,445 in spending money.

Why $1,445? you might ask. That’s a nod to the year the brewery started operations. And plenty of money to spend on frites with mayo, moules marinaras, heck, even steak tartare sandwiches if you’re feeling bold. And because Hoegaarden itself is quite small, with a population just over 6,200, you might find yourself wanting something other than what UPROXX beer expert Zach Johnston describes as a “classic macro beer [that] is very inoffensive to drink with hints of citrus and dry wheat fields.” Never fear: you’ll also be an hour train ride away from Brussels, where you could, oh, I don’t know, go take a tour of spontaneous fermentation specialists Cantillon.

To be fair, the mid-May dates for the trip read more “end-of-semester” than Spring Break, but hey, who cares if someone else is paying your way? Entries are due by April 22.