Here Are The Boozy Drinks To Pair With Your Favorite Holiday Movies

Tis’ the season to binge-watch holiday movies. Seriously, what’s better than getting cozy, stoking the fire, and powering through Christmas Vacation, Bad Santa, and Elf back-to-back-to-back? This blissful pastime can only be improved with the addition of two vital elements:

  1. Christmas cookies.
  2. Alcohol.

This morning we gave you advice on which cookies to make, now we’re here to help you pair your favorite movies with booze. With enough cheesy movies and heavily spiked drinks, we might just be able to turn 2016 around!

Christmas Vacation (1989)

Few movies sum up surviving the holidays better than Christmas Vacation. If you’re a child of the 80s and grew up on the clumsy humor of Chevy Chase, this movie is a must watch. There’s no doubt you’ll continue to laugh at the same jokes year after year, but which alcohol should you pair with the hijinks of Clark Griswold and the “jolliest bunch of a**holes this side of the nuthouse”?

The Booze: Spiked Eggnog. If it’s good enough for Clark, it’s good enough for me. Bonus points if you drink it out of an authentic Wally World cup while wearing a dickie like Cousin Eddie.

Scrooged (1989)

It’s a fact that in order to fully immerse yourself in the holidays, you have to watch at least one version of A Christmas Carol. Since you’d rather not admit to watching Mickey’s Christmas Carol every year, there’s no beating this Bill Murray Classic. But, what booze pairs with the redemption of a heartless TV executive?

The Booze: If you want to drink like Frank Cross’ un-dead boss Lew Hayward, you’ll have to make yourself a cocktail or two with Bacardi rum as a main ingredient. Try a Cuba Libre or a Mojito. But, just like Hayward says, “Take it easy on the Bacardi.” (Nah, don’t really do that. Tip that bottle!)

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

Few movies better express the spirit of Christmas like It’s a Wonderful Life. Everyone who has watched this holiday classic in the 70 years since it was made can relate at least a little bit with Jimmy Stewart’s portrayal of George Bailey. The best thing about the movie is that Bedford Falls could be any small town in America. But, what drink best encapsulates Bailey and his journey home?

The Booze: The local bar in town is called Martinis. So, it makes perfect sense to enjoy a classic gin martini while watching this holiday classic. Plus, you’ll look pretty classy doing so.

Bad Santa (2003)

It’s really hard to make a contemporary movie that becomes a holiday classic. It feels like all the best Christmas movies have already been made. But, this movie about a miserable, horrible, drunk, mall Santa makes every comedy list. Plus, how can you not root for a character named Thurman Murmon? But, since Willie binges on so many forms of alcohol, what could you possibly choose?

The Booze: You can drink just about anything while you watch this movie because Thornton’s Willie is stumbling drunk for much of it. If you want to drink like Willie, make yourself a nice, tall Screwdriver. But, take it easy. Those things can sneak up on you.

A Christmas Story (1983)

Many people grew up watching this story of Ralphie Parker and his hopes of receiving a Red Ryder BB Gun under the Christmas Tree. Even though it takes place in the 1940s, the story of this family and their struggles still rings true today (Middle-class angst! Gun violence!). Plus, you really can’t miss this one — since TBS plays it for 24 hours every Christmas. But, what should you imbibe while you cringe at Ralphie not saying the word “fudge”?

The Booze: Since this more of a family movie, there aren’t really many references to drinking. That makes a Christmas Ale, like Anchor Christmas Ale, the perfect compliment to Ralphie getting booted in the face by a terrifying mall Santa.