Our Favorite Photographers Tell Us Exactly What Gear To Splurge On For The Holidays

12.08.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

I’m a big proponent of saying “It’s the wizard, not the wand,” with regards to camera gear. I firmly believe it, too. Unless you focus your efforts on understanding light, framing and general composition, you’ll be hard pressed to capture something enticing. You could have a top of the line $50,000 setup but still be an infant in regards to visual literacy and your work will showcase that.

That being said, once you spend the time to understand the basics, you’ll also formulate a need for better gear. In short: A good wand never hurts. With that in mind we talked to two of our favorite Instagram photographers to figure out what their go-to’s are. Mitch Cox, Craig Hensel, and I all weighed in about the gear that gets us off. What camera body nabs the best star-trails? What lenses expand the space in the perfect way? What camera bags hold up to a life on the road?

We answered these questions all in an effort to get you our your favorite photo-nerd out there and shooting this holiday season.

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