Meet The Badass Adventurer Bringing Cliff Diving To The Mainstream

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Living a double life is inherently cool. Just ask Batman, Hannah Montana, or Hope Lane — the super cool woman working to push cliff diving from an underground scene to mainstream legitimacy. Okay, so Lane isn’t donning a mask or a wig and developing an elaborate alternate persona, but she is working a straight up office jobby job and spending every weekend hiking into a remote location to film her crew throwing themselves off of very, very tall cliffs and waterfalls.

For the last five years, Lane has worked in the art department at Volcom — the rad lifestyle brand that dominates in the boardsport world. But, the minute her day is done on Friday, she is in her car speeding to cliffs, falls, and hot springs across California and neighboring states. She gets about 24-hours to don a bikini, grab a camera, and rock some extreme sports shit. Then, she makes the drive back and is sitting in an ergonomic desk chair by 9 am on Monday morning. If she didn’t have a truly sick Instagram feed documenting her daredevil life outside work, it’s possible that her cubemates in the rat race would have no idea she is a straight up daredevil. Maybe she should get a wig or mask.

We were stoked that Lane was willing to take time out of a truly packed schedule to talk with us about her adventures, and Excursion Always — the team she manages and for which creates content. Keep an eye on her and the team because this sport is about to blow up in a big way. This way, you can tell people you knew all about it before it was cool. Get that hipster cred.

When did you decide to dedicate your life to adventure? Have you always been like this?

Probably five years ago … five and a half. I was eighteen or nineteen and I decided to take it up a level because I was really into dance, but dance classes are honestly too expensive. I needed something else.

I asked my friend. We were hanging out, and I saw that she went to waterfalls and did all these hikes. I was like, “Hey, can I go with you?” And she was like, “Yeah. What’s your commitment like? Because we’re leaving tomorrow at 6 am, if you want to go.” And that was probably my first time going to a cliff jumping spot, and she was like, “We’re leaving tomorrow at 6 am. And, we’re out hanging out with our friends.” I was like, “I’m down.” And she’s like, “Okay. You better be at my house at 6 am.” And I was like, “Okay.” And literally, since then, it progressed so much.

It used to be every single Sunday was a trip. We would go to Big Bear or Lake Arrowhead or Death Valley or not Death Valley; we really wouldn’t go too far. It’d be three or four hours away, and we would do that for a day trip on our Sundays. And then, eventually, it just started progressing to being like, “Okay, no, we’re going to, like, a whole other state.” Eventually, we had adventured all through So-Cal. We were like, “Okay, we need to go further, we need to go further, we need to go do more.” Now, it’s like, “Okay, I have to get on a flight.” Now, I’m driving 10 hours or eight hours.

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