This Dad Built The Most Kickass IKEA Bed With A Slide And Secret Hideout

Swedish sadomasochistic furniture company IKEA was last seen torturing Ryan Reynolds as he tried to assemble a crib. Poor Reynolds quickly dissolved into a pile of curse words and beer. Never fear, there’s an antihero more powerful than Deadpool. Introducing Kickass Dad, who decided to build the most amazing bed for his son.

The story behind the legend is one worth recalling. Eric Strong’s toddler son felt trepidation in transferring over to a “big-kid bed,” which is a huge moment in any human’s life. So, Kickass Dad promised the “coolest bed ever” to his progeny. Strong hacked up an IKEA combo suite as described in this video. When all was said and done, Strong combined three basic units — the Kura bed, the Trofast storage system, and the Besta shelving unit — and created a theme bed worth at least $5,000. Strong invested many hours but only $850 to build this unique utopia.

The final product includes a slide (every kid’s dream), a secret hideout (triggered by pulling on a handle within in the built-in shelves), and a set of color-changing LED lights. All materials (except for the bedding itself, the white slide covering, and some nominal building materials) were obtained from IKEA.

One thing is certain: Awesome beds like this shouldn’t be reserved for children.