Create The Perfect Holiday Menu With These TV-Themed Foodstuffs

12.13.16 3 years ago

If you love holiday-themed TV episodes as much as we do, you’ve probably asked yourself, why can’t life be more like television? Why can’t my holiday celebrations play out like they do on my favorite sitcoms?

Well now they can! At least when it comes to the food. We watched some of our favorite holiday episodes of all time and then came up with the perfect multi-course meal to accompany them. Pair each course with the episode in the background and you are in for the greatest (and absolutely the weirdest) holiday meal of your life.


The Office: A Benihana Christmas Goose Paté

When Michael gets dumped by his girlfriend (his real-life wife!) for photoshopping his face over her ex-husband’s in a Christmas photo, he’s left so depressed that Dwight and Jim have to take him to Benihana. Meanwhile, Angela battles with Pam and Karen over the Christmas Party and Jim and Pam make moon eyes at each other the whole episode (OF COURSE). It’s a hilarious 22-minutes, kicking off strong in the cold open when Dwight brings in a dead goose to cook up for the office (much to the horror of the rest of Dunder Mifflin).

So start your own holiday off right with this lovely Roasted Goose Pate. Because as Dwight says, “It’ll save you a trip to the store for that expensive goose grease.”

You can find the recipe here at Field and Stream and you can watch the episode, “A Benihana Christmas” on Netflix.

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