Jose Andres Will Give Free Lunch To Anyone Who Trump Deems ‘Fake News’

Getty Image

Being considered “fake news” by President Trump is somewhat an honor for many journalists, as it usually means your reporting is spot on and accurate. Trump recently announced a plan to give out awards for the fakest and most dishonest news sources and journalists via Twitter (typical).

Journalists have since been joking (or perhaps being serious) about wanting the honor — going to some hilarious lengths to vie for the President’s attention as the fakest and most dishonest reporting of all time.

Restauranteur/anti-Trumpster José Andrés sweetened the pot on Twitter by offering free lunch at one of his restaurants for any journalist who receives the award.

Andrés, who has been particularly critical of how 45 handled the aftermath of the hurricane and flooding in Puerto Rico in Fall 2017, along with his recent treatment of immigrants, is located right near all the action, having restaurants in the nation’s capitol (he was supposed to have a restaurant at Trump’s hotel, remember, but ditched that deal after the president called Mexican immigrants rapists). The chef’s history on social media with the President has always been one of scathing criticism — and sometimes, straight up blocking him.

While it would have been fun to see Andrés’s restaurants packed with a bunch of our favorite reporters, entire staffs of news channels, and most recently, author of a “fake book,” it looks like we will have to wait another week and a half since the awards have been postponed.

See you all next week for the results — same fake time, same fake station.