These Fried Chicken Bath Bombs Create A Finger Lickin’ Spa Experience

KFC is back with another fried chicken-scented entry in the health and beauty product market. If you scoured eBay to get your hands on the limited edition sunscreen and nail polish previously released by the fast food juggernaut, you won’t want to miss out on their newest viral marketing effort: the fried chicken bath bomb.

Screw vanilla and lavender fragrances, the time to smell like a paper takeout bag is now!

If you want to seduce people by being finger lickin’ good and you live in the United States, you had better get invested in the KFC black market right quick, because this is a Japanese promotion. Between November 1 and 15, KFC Japan will happily hand out 100 bath bombs each day to people who retweet a company tweet about their contest. No surprise, the text of the tweet is in Japanese, so you can try retweeting it, but you may be ineligible (which you can’t completely figure out unless you can read Japanese).

The uniquely scented bath enhancement is a joint effort between KFC and Village Vanguard, a Japanese bookstore that carries vintage and novelty items. Plus, you get a “Secret Combination Pack” with coupons for menu items. All told, winners will have the chance to smell like chicken fried goodness inside and out — which is important because it’s what’s inside that counts.

This is the product you need to set up a romantic tribute to the ultimate fried chicken lover in your life. Picture the object of your obsession dressed in a white suit and a petite pair of spectacles (white wig optional). You step from the bath, freshly bedaubed in the scent of a thousand fryers, before reclining and topping your naked body with coleslaw, mashed potatoes, and biscuits. You are the ultimate feast and so good fingers will legit be licked.

Look, you can pretend you aren’t into the idea, but your Japanese KFC retweets are telling the whole story.