KFC Is Getting In On The Meat-Free Movement With Vegetarian Chicken


The most exciting fight in fast food, aside from that one from last week, is the war between Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat. Both Meat 2.0 brands are duking it out for fast food dominance, with die-hard loyalists on both sides arguing endlessly about which tastes better. Generally, that argument comes down to comparing burgers — Impossible Foods is winning that fight — but Beyond Meat may have just changed the game because they’ve now announced a partnership with KFC, making Beyond Meat the first to bring a plant-based chicken to the fast-food market.

Soon, KFC will serve plant-based nuggets and boneless wings (which sound sorta like the same thing) and unless Popeyes cuts a deal with Impossible Foods (hint, hint) Beyond Meat may just win this war. Then, to the victor go the spoils — which in this case, refers to us and our hard-earned chicken-loving money.

Officially dubbed the Beyond Fried Chicken — and missing a huge opportunity to be called Kentucky Fake Chicken — KFC will soon offer a four-piece order of nuggets for just $1.99, and a six and twelve-piece order of boneless wings for $6 or $12, as well as a six and eight-piece nugget meal for around $6.49 and $8.49, according to prices reported by Yahoo! Lifestyle.

If you happen to live close to the Atlanta area, you can try the new Beyond Fried Chicken before the rest of us this Tuesday, August 27th. Between the hours of 10:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. with the purchase of any regular KFC menu item you’ll receive a free sample of Beyond Fried Chicken at the KFC located at 2637 Cobb Pkwy SE, in Smyrna Georgia. As for the rest of us, KFC hasn’t officially announced when they’ll launch the Beyond Fried Chicken nationwide, but we’d expect it sometime in early 2020. Your move Impossible Foods.