Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Says Her Favorite Comfort Food Is Whiskey

UPROXX / Getty Images

When you think of comfort food, you likely think of heavy dishes — flavor bombs that sit in your stomach like rocks and remind you that you’re alive. Mac and cheese, piping hot french fries, pizza, ice cream… you get the idea. But for presidential candidate and current Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, her comfort is a little more liquid.

When asked by the New York Times what her go-to comfort food was, she shrugged and said, “Glass of whiskey at the end of the night.”

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised, given that when she bartended a Pride event a few weeks ago she made someone her favorite drink and he later told reporters it was just straight whiskey. Oh, and here’s a video of her drinking, surprise, straight whiskey, at that same event:

To editorialize just a touch here: I’ve never felt so connected to a politician in my life. Other candidates gave answers that ran the gamut from predictably delicious (french fries) to puzzling (baked potatoes) to infuriating (no comfort food), but Gillibrand cut the bullshit and said what we all feel deep in our souls: sometimes there’s nothing better than a few fingers of whiskey at the end of a long day.

Her response delighted many on Twitter.

Now only one question remains: what kind of whiskey?