This Hyper-Indulgent Donut Burger Will Make You Want To Book A Trip To Australia

Some things just need to be together. Peanut-butter and jelly for example, two items that have become so synonymous that it’s hard to imagine having one in your pantry without the other. Spaghetti and red-sauce is another one. They both live individual lives outside of one other. But together, they shine. In order to find perfect pairs like these, tests need to be undertaken. Boundaries need to be pushed. One would have never imagine that peanut butter and red-sauce could work. But sure enough, thanks to the internet, we can see that it has been tried, and it didn’t suck.

Such is the case with the love story of Doughnut Time and Ze Pickle. To assume that these two had anything to offer each other would sound bold. A burger joint and a doughnut shop? Nah.

But that is the voice of the uninspired. The voice of those without vision. These two shops have teamed up in what can only be described as every stoned millennials culinary dream.

Doughnut time, makers of amazing things like this:

And Ze Pickle, makers of things like this:

Have teamed up to bring you…..this:

It’s called the “Doughnutfukwitdis” and it consists of a Wagyu beef patty, double jack cheese, Nutella cured bacon, all lovingly nestled between two sweet, fluffy, clouds of classic Doughnut Time glazed doughnuts.

It’s been all over the news for varying health concerns which…might be understandable:

But the fine folks at Ze Pickle remain excited about their creation, and we can’t help but kick our concerns to the curb and join them:

Now all we need is a ticket to Brisbane…