Watch Two People Find Love On The UW-Madison Snap Story

Because we are truly in the age of digital and social media platforms ruling our entire lives, it should come as no surprise that true love can plant seeds anywhere. Of course, there have been stories of celebrities finding a girlfriend via Instagram comments or people reaching out through mutual friends on Twitter (or being more forward and straight up sliding into the DM’s), but the journey that two UW-Madison students went on to find each other after a connection was born on Snapchat is truly adorable. Even if you don’t have it in your heart to appreciate college students making a love connection, the entertainment factor of bored 20-somethings during finals week getting sucked into the goal of connecting two people is worthy enough to watch everything unfold.

As you can see in the above video, it all starts innocently enough with “Memorial Library Girl” saying that she is seriously in love with a guy wearing a Vikings jersey that appeared earlier on the story. She instructs him to find her, and the quest kicks off in earnest there. It has everything that a good soap opera romance would have – a missed connection at a previously chosen location, a cast of characters rooting them on every step of the way, and the mystery of whether they would find each other in the end. At one point there is even a name change as “Memorial Library Girl” transforms into “Mystery Girl.” It has a better ring to it! Thanks to Snapchat’s geofilters, followers of their journey even get to witness the viral moment progress from “adorable back and forth” to “snap-assisted matchmaking quest” as it goes.

For the olds, it might seem like there is no chance this romance could possibly pan out. They finally unite in a grungy college bar, after all. But if there is any good in the world, Mystery Girl and Vikings Jersey Guy will make it through at least the graduation after-parties. Anything after the school year ends is gravy.

(via The Tab)