McDonald’s Japan Is Giving Away Gold Fries To One Snap-Happy Customer

05.19.16 3 years ago

In Japan, the Golden Arches are taking their nickname literally. As reported by RocketNews24, McDonald’s Japan just launched a contest to give away a carton of gold french fries. As in: a box of french fries. Possibly non-edible. Probably made of gold.

While the details on the prize are, as yet, fuzzy, the contest is happily underway. It’s part of a marketing campaign meant to get attention on the popular menu item, the McFry Potato — or, as we call ‘em here in America, McDonald’s French Fries. To enter, participants must download a special app and take a picture of something vaguely french-fry looking. The app will then add a branded french-fry carton to the photo. Tack on the hashtag #ポテ撮り (#potetori, or #potato-taking, a play on words) and share it on Twitter, and they’ve got themselves an entry to win the Golden Ticket of fast food — no purchase necessary.

The contest launched just two days ago, but Twitter is already packed with clever entries:

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