It’s Jack In The Box Vs. McDonald’s In The Breakfast Sandwich Showdown

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Call me crazy, but I think brunchfast is sort of a ridiculous concept. Maybe it’s the word. “Brunch” is already a portmanteau of the words breakfast and lunch. To add “-fast” at the end makes it breakfast-lunch-breakfast, which just doesn’t compute, in my mind. I will admit this, though: the brunchfast menu is pretty intriguing. Adding breakfast items to regular fast-food sandwich offerings is something that really hasn’t been done before. It’s innovation! The world is moving at lightning speed because now you can have eggs on your chicken sandwich!

The key question in my mind after I heard about brunchfast was whether the items would actually manage to compete with McDonald’s all-day breakfast, which was obviously the intent. Everyone loves the Egg McMuffin, especially now that it’s being fried in real butter and offered at all hours of the day. And Jack in the Box’s new Bacon & Egg Chicken Sandwich seems specifically targeted to take on this beloved classic, what with its English muffin bun — the first English muffin bun the company has actually ever offered.

So, being the discerning fast-food consumer I am, I decided to pit that Bacon & Egg Chicken Sandwich against a similarly-styled McMuffin (menu hacks, yo!). Would the Jack in the Box n00b be able to compete with the McDonald’s tried-and-true favorite?

Two confessions, before I get started:

I had never actually eaten a McMuffin before this face-off. I much prefer the biscuit sandwiches. And those McGriddles, oh, those McGriddles! The only thing I’d ever ordered from Jack in the Box before the face-off was the two-tacos-for-a-dollar deal, which I’d like to say is the best thing on the menu, but obviously I have no grounds for that opinion. I’d also ordered the churros a few times. (As a complete aside, they’re pretty tasty and worth checking out.)

The Quest for the Sandwiches

E.S. Huffman

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