24 Hours Chasing Down The Best Of Miami’s Underground

02.07.19 5 months ago

Uproxx / Leigh Grimes

Last month, I returned to Miami for the first time since living there a few years ago. The city is so dynamic, so ever-changing that being gone for a few years feels a lot longer than it would anywhere else in the US. There are always new restaurants to try, new bars to drink at, and something exciting happening around every corner. For my first few days in town, I caught up with old friends and went to my favorite haunts, but with 24-hours left in my trip, I decided to head underground.

I wanted to seek out the intimate local spots that had opened or gotten more popular since I’d left. The tucked-away restaurants and isolated beaches. I went in ready for adventure and improvisation, too. As I know all too well, you can make all the plans you want in Miami but ultimately the city leads the way.


Leigh Grimes

Though I was eager to get started on my underground adventure, it was hard to peel myself off of the lesser-known beaches of Little Argentina. These are the beaches running from 63rd to 87th, which are — in this Miami lover’s humble opinion — the most pristine beaches in all of Dade County, if not the nation. They’re often unoccupied, stunningly clean, and the water seems to sparkle here, more than anywhere else I’ve ever been.

Recent beautification in Little Argentina has only made the beach area more stunning to look at, with newly planted greenery everywhere, an area carved out of the sand just for volleyball courts, and a brand new boardwalk connecting the neighborhood all the way to South Pointe in South Beach.

Two hours into my underground exploration, I was still laying on the sand, dipping into the water every few minutes. It was truly difficult to pull myself away.

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