Can A Month On The ‘Moon Juice Diet’ Make You Into A Sacred Forest Pixie?

01.11.17 3 years ago 7 Comments

Just in time for the new year, Uproxx presented me with a mission: I was to eat and drink exclusively from Amanda Chantal Bacon’s Moon Juice Cookbook for a month, then report my findings. Moon Juice, if you don’t know, is an uber-trendy store in Los Angeles, filled with expensive juices and bespoke products, regularly frequented by crystal-stealing celebrities.

The shop’s founder, the aforementioned Amanda Chantal Bacon, is beautiful by any standard. She is thin and has a kind but powerful look about her — like she’s used to taking a lot of shit but has learned to let it slide off her back where it collects into a rose-scented pool of dew. This is why she inspires so much ire in addition to admiration. Google her and you’ll quickly find a slew of criticism for her esoteric health brand.

My interest, along with that of many others’, was sparked by a “food diary” which appeared in Elle Magazine in May of 2015. Bacon cited silver nettle and calendula tea, Shilajit resin, bee pollen, and zucchini ribbons as a few of the foods she consumes on a daily basis. Social media went wild. Zero carbs, zero dairy, zero meat? She must be evil, nay, the very devil.

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