The World’s Most Expensive Kabob Is For Sale In London And It Looks Amazing

Kabobs as we often experience them in the U.S. are both awesome and underwhelming. On the one hand, they’re great because they’re a fairly easy to make treat on a stick. Who doesn’t like meat sticks? But at street carts and delis, they often end up drying out and lacking flavor.

Which may help explain why a chef in London wants to give them the upscale treatment. And he’s doing so by serving them for $1,300. ‘Why so expensive?’ you ask. Well, according to Onder Sahan, head chef at Hazev, the kabobs are made using wagyu beef, 25-year-old vinegar, and a mix of other fine ingredients.

Sahan doesn’t believe kabobs should be limited to post-bar consumption, so he’s trying to flip the script. Part of the point is to prove that any food can be elevated to such a level — and we believe him. These kabobs look amazing.

Even better than his culinary wit is Sahan’s humble attitude. He’s not on some high horse because his kabobs are worth $1,300. He actually encourages someone to do a better job and not in an “I’d like to see you try” kind of way, but in a super genuine, and enticing kind of way.

At the end of the day, $1,300 might be absurdly expensive for a kabob, but it’s still no $117,000 tuna. It’s all relative right?