Inside The Ten Most Romantic Restaurants In America, According To Yelp

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With Valentine’s Day one week away, it’s high time you make some reservations. That is if you’re planning on going out next Wednesday night with that someone special in your life. It is a weeknight after all. Sometimes the urge to Netflix and chill is just too strong, especially when V-Day falls midweek. Perhaps, on the other hand, your fear of missing out is too high and you just gotta hit somewhere great, snap some Instas for the feed, eat some great food, and maybe squeeze in a bottle of wine … or two.

Over at Yelp, they know the pain of picking the perfect place to spend a night of amore-filled dining. So the app created a list of the top 25 most romantic restaurants in America. There are plenty of classics through the list, but we thought we’d focus on the top ten according to the people who care enough to post up their opinions on Yelp. In fact, we’ll let the Yelpers describe how great these restaurants are. And, maybe, one will be near enough your house so you can go out, drink that wine, snap those photos, and still make it home in time for a little Netflix and a whole lotta chill.

10. Cibo in Phoenix, Arizona

Maggie X. writes: “Cibo is probably my favorite restaurant in (close to?) downtown Phoenix. Everything I’ve tried on the menu is excellent, they offer such a generous happy hour, and service is professional. There are quite a few lauded Italian restaurants in the vicinity, but none come close to Cibo in my opinion.

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