The ‘Is Candy Corn Gross’ Debate Is Raging On Twitter For ‘National Candy Corn Day’


Like Chicago-style pizza, putting ketchup on a hot dog (and whether or not it’s a sandwich), and mayonnaise in general — there are few foods that seem to divide people quite like candy corn. The Halloween treat, which typically consists of a mix of sugar, corn syrup, confectioner’s wax and is made to mimic kernels of real corn seems innocuous enough, yet for some reason, there are people that have an almost visceral hatred of it.

Maybe it’s the texture, but it still doesn’t seem fair to us to lump candy corn in with actually heinous candies such as Necco wafers, circus peanuts, and, oh god, Good & Plenty. Like, as if licorice isn’t bad enough already you’re going to candy coat it? No thanks. Keep that lipstick-coated pig away from me.

But for better or worse, the ubiquitous confection is not going anywhere. As such, the day before Halloween, October 30th is now being observed as an official holiday: National Candy Corn Day. So when the hashtag began trending on Twitter, folks came out to proudly proclaim their love of candy corn, or downright hatred of it. Being it the internet and all, civility was obviously of the upmost concern as the takes went flying.

The holiday also sparked a related hashtag, as the majority of haters came up with uses for candy corn other than eating it:

Whatever, more for those of us who appreciate candy corn — especially the day after Halloween when you can get bags of the stuff for 50 percent off. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just be over here eating mine, chewing off one color at a time, just the way our forefathers and Jesus intended.