Nelly Added A Dance Floor-Ready Heel To His Jordan Sneakers For ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Just because Nelly is currently competing on Dancing With The Stars doesn’t mean he’s willing to sacrifice his style. Rather than sport the classic all-black dance shoe, Nelly decided it was time to come up with his own creation. The Country Grammar singer called up a custom shoemaker to upgrade his Jordan 3 Retro Black Cement shoes with a dance floor-approved heel.

Nelly shared the new shoes in an unboxing video posted on Instagram. “So, yo. Them judges hating on hip-hop,” he said. “Told ya boy he needed dancing shoes. So I called my homie the Shoe Surgeon and told him I needed dancing shoes. Yung Swivel edition.”

The singer also gave a quick behind-the-scenes look at his shoes in action just ahead of the live taping.

Nelly discussed the shoe upgrade to the Dancing With The Stars judges, who were incredulous at the invention. “Wait, those are a dance shoe, but like, a sneaker all in two?” a judge asked.

The judges weren’t the only ones who were impressed at Nelly’s shoe game. Fans who were watching the show also noticed Nelly’s sneaker update and offered their thoughts.

Watch a clip of Nelly and his heeled Jordans in action with his dancing partner Daniella Karagach on Dancing With The Stars above.