The Vegas Strip Will Go Dark To Curb The Coronavirus Spread

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak announced last night, March 17th, that all casinos in Las Vegas, Reno, and across the state will close for 30 days in an effort to stop the coronavirus from spreading in the state, effective immediately. Hotels who currently have guests will be given some extra time to clear their rooms, but the slot machines are being emptied. Deadline reports that since Wednesday, all non-essential businesses across the state have been closed — including bars, barbershops, beauty salons, gyms, malls, and restaurants that don’t provide a take-out service. This is a huge move by the state considering employment in Nevada is largely centered around the service industry and casinos.

Speaking to reporters, Sisolak remarked “All gatherings should be postponed or canceled… This is not the time for playdates, sleepovers, concerts, theater outings, or athletic events. This is not a vacation and it’s not time to catch up with friends. It’s definitely not a time to go to the movies. Every social contact increases your risk of exposure.”

The services across the state that will remain operational include airports, banks, gas stations, grocery stores, hospitals, and the post office. According to the most recent figures from Johns Hopkins, Nevada currently has 56 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection and one death.