This Amateur Filmmaking Contest Could Get You Gear Plus $25,000


If you’re interested in filmmaking at all, you’re probably aware of just how cost-prohibitive the practice can be. Whether you’re active as a filmmaker or you’ve merely been flirting with the idea of dipping your toes in the medium, not having the right gear or the funds for the right gear can make your dreams feel out of reach. But if you’re confident in your skills and ready to showcase them, we’ve found a contest for you to score great gear and cash.

Nikon is currently holding a video contest entitled Follow Your Passion — giving aspiring filmmakers three opportunities to score a full Nikon Z6 Filmmaker’s Kit and, for the grand prize winer, an additional $25,000 in cash. While $25,000 isn’t going to make you the next Spielberg, it’s a pretty big chunk of change that is sure to at least help — and, considering professional video editing software will run you $300, $25,000 sounds pretty sweet.

The contest isn’t complicated, simply create a 3-5 minute video using a Nikon Z6 or Z7 camera fitted with the stock NIKKOR lens, and showcase something you’re passionate about. If you’re thinking, “great, I don’t have a Z series camera,” don’t trip, Nikon will let you rent one from them which means you officially have absolutely no excuse to not give this a shot. This is your passion we’re talking about — I could make a five-hour epic on pizza alone!

Once your short video is shot and edited, post it to Youtube or Vimeo, and head over to Nikon’s contest page and fill out the entry form. The contest will close on August 31st, 11:59 pm EST, giving you exactly a month and a half to put together a 3-5 minute video.


The prizes are offered in three tiers, all of which include the Nikon Z Filmmaker’s Kit, which is valued at $3,999.95. See what we mean about filmmaking being expensive? The Grand Prize winner will take home an additional $25,000 in cash, the First Place Prize winner will score a cool $10,000, and the Second Prize tier will receive the kit on its own — including a Nikon Z6 mirrorless camera, a NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 lens, a mount adapter, two Nikon EN_EL batteries, a handheld Gimbal, a recording monitor, and a RODE shotgun-style microphone. That is literally more than you need to shoot a film!

If you feel like you’ve got something to say as a filmmaker, especially regarding your passions, take a chance and enter now. We spoke to director Corey Rich this week and he filled us in on some great tips for beginners and sent this brief video showing how he uses his Nikon Z7.