Oakland Is Now The Second City To Decriminalize Magic Mushrooms


What did we tell you? Just one short month after we reported that Denver would become the first city to decriminalize mushrooms — which we predicted would begin a domino effect similar to what happened with recreational marijuana — Oakland has become the second! On June 4th, 2019, Oakland passed a citywide resolution that officially makes possession of psilocybin on the lowest priority for investigation and arrest.

The city’s approach to decriminalization differs from Denver’s approach in a few ways. Oakland passed its resolution via its city council, whereas Denver decriminalization effort was passed by popular vote, and while the city put heavy emphasis on the medical benefits to psilocybin, Oakland took a much more hippie approach to the whole thing.

“This initiative aims to empower the Oakland community by restoring their relationship to nature… The Oakland community behind this initiative believe it is an inalienable right to develop their own relationship with nature, both as a measure of personal liberty and to embrace what it means to be a human on Planet Earth,” the initiative reads. To which we say, “Yeah. Groovy, man.”

As it stands, while you can’t distribute mushrooms commercially or chill out on a school campus with a baggies worth, the law isn’t going to investigate or arrest you when you’re tripping out at the supermarket. So long as you don’t commit any new crimes while you’re there. Just remember, the only thing talking to you in the market is the people. Not the fruit, not the vegetables, and certainly not anything in the deli meats section.