This Internship Will Pay You $12K To Travel The World Drinking Beer


Let’s be honest. Most internships are pretty lame. You do some filing, grab some coffee, and finish with a middling reference after three months of providing cheap labor. Who came up with this nonsense? We went to college to get paid, didn’t we? But don’t despair just yet. Not all internships suck.

Not if you intern for World of Beer. Because listen to us friends: This is not your run-of-the-mill summer grind.

Just like last year, the company is currently hiring “interns.” And, for this job, you won’t be fetching any soy lattes for pompous, suit-wearing jerks. You’ll be traveling all over the world, drinking. Yes, you read that right. You’ll be traveling throughout the US and Europe, stopping in some of the best beer-loving cities to sample what they have to offer.

On top of that, they’ll pay you $12,000 dollars. Which means this is better than the internship your roommate scored at Merrill Lynch in literally every single way.

Ready to sign up for this dream gig? In order to qualify, you should probably really like beer.Like, really like it. Bordering on fanaticism. Also, you should probably be pretty adept at social media (what college kids aren’t?) and be fairly adventurous and open to life-changing experiences (this is your shot at a three-way!).

Last year, on top of traveling around the US from Cooperstown to San Diego, the interns visited breweries and bars in the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, Scotland, and even checked out the Guinness Brewery in Ireland. The “Drink Interns” are responsible for blogging, Instagramming, Facebooking, Tweeting, and Snapchatting about their experiences. So it’s not exactly rocket science.

World of Beer is currently accepting applications until March 26th, and if you feel like the process to get accepted seems as in-depth as getting on The Real World, you’re right. After they vet the first group of applicants, they’ll bring everyone in for live interviews at various locations around the US in early April. Because friends, “This is what happens when people stop being polite, and start drinking professionally.”