Millennials Rejoice! A Study Wants To Pay You To Eat Avocados


A crisp fall breeze blows multi-hued leaves across the grass. You watch from your kitchen window, a steaming mug of tea in your hand and a wistful smile on your face. What has you so happy? Is it nostalgia? A deep affinity for autumn? Maybe your meds just kicked in? No. You are awash with radiant satisfaction because it is time for your daily avocado.

If you are an avocado fan (and there a great many of them that aren’t millennial strawmen constructed out of Boomer fears), then you would be an ideal participant for an upcoming study on the impact of an avocado rich diet. It is just the encouragement needed to mass consume avocados and get a little cash for doing so.

To test the hypothesis that nutrient-dense avocados are beneficial to your overall health, researchers from Penn State, Loma Linda University, UCLA, Tufts, and Wake Forest University are on the lookout for roughly 250 participants this fall who are down to eat a ton of the fatty fruits.

The lucky people selected for the study will be required to consume an avocado a day for six months or two a day for six months. Only those age 25 and older will be considered and male participants need a waist that is at least 40 inches, while women need a waist that is at least 35 inches. So, this won’t be a side hustle for Instagram fitness gurus posting avocado toast on their cheat days.

The goal specifically is to test how regular avocado consumption “impacts the amount and distribution of fat in the body,” according to the application site.

The last few years have brought us a lot of avocado news, from $100 avocado toast to the low-fat Avocado Light, and throughout the praises of the buttery fruit have been sung. But, as yet, no study of this size has truly addressed the issue of fat distribution relative to a high avocado diet, so it will be interesting to see what researchers discover.

Permission to gorge on avocados isn’t the only perk of participation, people chosen for the study will also get a small monetary bonus. At the end of the study, each person gets $300 stipend. In addition, there are apparently “free small gifts,” and free avocados either during the study or after its completion. For people who have already blown their chance of being a millionaire by indulging in avocado toast, this could be a chance to get back in the black.