What These Former Playmates Have To Say About The Mansion Will Change How You Look At It

The Playboy mansion stands as a cultural institution. The home’s grounds host fabulous parties many times throughout the year, but the inner sanctum stands in fabled lore. When people talk about wishing walls could talk, they’re referring to places like the Playboy mansion. No other home carries such a storied notoriety.

You may have heard how the mansion hit the market for an astronomical $200 million, but what does that price tag include? Hugh Hefner will stick around as a roommate, but otherwise, you’re mainly paying for the home’s reputation rather than the structure itself. Considering how Playboy Enterprises’ tentpole rag will no longer contain nudity, the mansion will be the sole link to the magazine’s sordid past.

This video shares the secrets revealed by former playmates, who thought an invitation to live in the mansion would be a Bunnies’ dream come true. Listening to these ladies dish about their time in party central could provide some dishy details, but you’ll also learn about how the mansion felt like a prison. Strict rules and curfews ruled the roost with a velvet-clad fist. And although sex with Hefner was expected from all female inhabitants of the mansion, the women describe a lack of true intimacy. At age 89, Hefner may wish to hang up his party slippers, but this 1927-built structure will never forget all of the secrets within its walls. So, if you have a few hundred million to spare, you could own a legend.