Good News: Red Robin Just Added A Trap From ‘Saw’ To Its Menu In Its Ghost Pepper Fries

cheese fries

Remember when eating out was a nice way to spend time with people you loved? It was great, sure, but didn’t you always secretly wonder what it’d be like if going to a restaurant was just a little bit more like an endurance horror film in which esophagi were burnt to a dangerous crisp while an evil maniac laughed? Red Robin knows what you want. Red Robin knows what you need. And Red Robin just turned going out for dinner into something that’s right out of the latest Saw Film (which is currently in the works, so maybe there’ll be an eating challenge this time?) by adding Voodoo Fries with ghost chili sauce to their menu. Have you ever had a ghost pepper in any capacity? It’s not a particularly easy experience.

According to Brand Eating the new menu item will draw you in by tempting you with cheese and bacon before showing you what it’s really all about:

The new loaded fries dish starts with the chain’s signature steak fries tossed in blackened seasoning and tops it off with queso, bacon, fried jalapeños, and a drizzle of ghost chili sauce.

Just so you’re aware — before you rush out to try the dish, which is available now — grown adults can’t handle ghost peppers. Grown adults weep in pain as the heat overtakes them. So, you know, if you must try this (and many, many people will) maybe don’t do it on a first date. Go for the bottomless steak fries instead. Those are much safer and don’t run the risk of burning your soul to a crisp. But you know what? Why not recreate ‘Hell Night’ at your local outlet mall? It’s a free country! Turning your stomach into a volcano’s your god-given right until April 3, when these fries disappear off the menu.

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