We Tasted The ‘Rick and Morty’ Pringles And… You Can Probably Skip Them

If you’ve never seen Rick and Morty (what are you waiting for?), it’s an Adult Swim cartoon about a bumbling mad scientist named Rick who not-so-vaguely resembles Doc Brown from Back to the Future. He and his grandson Morty travel through space and time on adventures that really never pan out the way they envision.

To pay homage to this over-the-top, cosmically ridiculous show, Adult Swim collaborated with well-known hyperbolic paraboloid potato chip brand Pringles to release Pickle Rick-flavored chips in February. This week, the brand announced that it would be adding to the Rick and Morty Pringles collection with “Honey Mustard Morty” and “Me! I’m Cheddar & Sour Cream.”

You don’t need to use your portal gun to get this goodness inside of you because these three limited-edition flavors are available this September at Walmart (and Since we also enjoy unintentionally changing time and space and also like munching on potato-based chips, decided to try these three flavors. Don’t worry, we tirelessly tasted and re-tasted each flavor so you don’t have to.

Honey Mustard Morty

The Story:

This flavor was created to pay homage to the ignorance is bliss, bumbling, good-natured personality of Morty. Honey is used to describe the sweetness of the young man, while mustard is used to describe the fact that he’s got a little spicier side that allows him to jump headfirst into his grandpa’s adventures.

Tasting Notes:

Not surprisingly, when you pop to top of the can you’re immediately met with a thick layer of honey mustard. This is followed by subtle crisp potato and savory salt. The first bite brings more mustard but its nicely subdued. It’s very sweet and has an almost barbecue sauce flavor that follows close behind. The aftertaste is all tangy honey, mustard, and sweet sugar.

Bottom Line:

While this chip has a strong fragrance of mustard, it’s surprisingly light in mustard flavor. It is sweet though and becomes cloying over time — a downside for those not looking for sugar with their savory snacks.

Look at Me! I’m Cheddar & Sour Cream

The Story:

The Mr. Meeseecks Box summons the Meeseecks, a race of giant, blue humanoids. To pay tribute to this very strange group of characters, Pringles made a flavor designed to be eaten fast. Since, as you know, Meeseecks absolutely loath existing.

They’re cheddar and sour cream because why wouldn’t they be?

Tasting Notes:

Cracking open the cans brings up not-so-pleasant fragrances of old cheese and wet laundry. Your best bet is to not smell this one before you take a bite. The flavor is really in your face, not unlike Rick when he’s dragging Morty around the universe. The flavor is much better than the aroma. It’s high in chemically pleasing cheddar cheese flavors with a subtle sour cream backbone.

The finish is full of so much cheese that you’ll feel like you need to brush your teeth after indulging.

Bottom Line:

Not the best of the bunch. This is a chip for fans of overly cheesy, sweaty socks flavored potato chips. If you can only buy two flavors, don’t get this one.

Pickle Rick

The Story:

One of the most popular episodes of ‘Rick and Morty’ revolved around Rick turning himself into a terrifying pickle in an attempt to avoid attending family therapy. To pay tribute to this horrific character, Pringles made a pickle-flavored chip you won’t soon forget.

Tasting Notes:

Opening a can of Pickle Rick immediately unleashes a new dimension of dill. In fact, it’s like a cloud of dill and salt and not much else. But, it’s somehow pleasing and will draw pickle fans in for more. The first taste is all dill, but it’s not as overpowering as the cheddar and sour cream chip. In fact, this might be the blandest of all the flavors. Thereby making it the most munchable for an extended period of time.

The finish is mostly just crispy potato and salt with just a bit of dill left on the palate.

Bottom Line:

Of the three, this one is definitely the best. There’s a reason why this was the first Pringles variety released. It also should have been the only one released. The others are just okay by comparison.