A Viral Clip Of Salt Bae Feeding A Woman Meat Has People Freaking Out

Another year, another viral video of a very hungry person being pseudo-sexually serviced by the Salt Bae. The new clip, posted last night by Twitter user @YouAdoreeShay, shows the Salt Bae doing his Salt Bae thing and feeding a piece of freshly cut (and salted) steak to a woman who just as seductively receives. The scene, which went down at Bae’s Boston restaurant Nusr-Et, is now making the rounds across Twitter as people (mostly jealous dudes) feel deep empathy for the man sitting next to her.

To describe dude’s expression as pained is putting it lightly. But who’s to say who he’s actually jealous of? Maybe he just wants someone to feed him steak in a suggestive manner.

This isn’t the first time the internet has freaked out over the power Salt Bae seems to hold over meat-lovers. Last year, a video went viral after an angry boyfriend lost his cool at Nusr-Et while a woman twerked for a smiling Gökçe. Nusret Gökçe is probably going to get punched before long, but let it be a reminder to us all that tenderness and passion are qualities in high demand. Also, that good food is sexy.

Check out some of the reactions below. Brace yourselves for “meat” jokes.