Shaq’s New Chicken Show Looks Bizarre And Goofy In All The Best Ways


Here at Uproxx we are sure about many things, two of which (albeit previously unrelated) are that chicken is delicious, and Shaquille O’Neal is very funny. Now we can finally combine those two facts and experience all the goodness that is Shaq and chicken — thanks to Shaquille O’Neal’s new chicken restaurant reality television show, aptly titled Big Chicken Shaq.

Premiering on Facebook Watch this Saturday, October 6th, the show will document the development and opening of his forthcoming Las Vegas restaurant chain. So basically it’s one long commercial for the Big Chicken, but that doesn’t mean it will be a bore if the trailer is any indication.

This show looks absolutely nuts, already we are given a ridiculous theme song and several clips of Shaq screaming “Bawk Bawk!” If the idea of Shaq smashing walls in with a sledgehammer, wearing a chicken mask, rallying his kitchen team, or just hanging out with his mom all over the backdrop of seriously delicious-looking food is intriguing to you then jump on it! Seeing the world through the lens of a very tall basketball icon who doesn’t take himself too seriously is infectious fun for everyone involved.

“When you’re hungry and on the run, you want your chicken from a guy 7-foot-one” Yes. Yes to everything about this show, forever and always.

Big Chicken Shaq premieres this Saturday, October 6th on Facebook Watch.