Snickers Is Going To Drop Prices Every Time The Internet Gets Angry


Snickers knows that anger and hunger are interconnected. And the company behind the “you’re not you when you’re hungry” ads also knows that the angrier you are, the less likely you’re going to be to spend money on a bar of chocolate-covered peanuts to make you happy again. That’s why Snickers products will drop in price every time something terrible happens and causes Internet fury. Feeling angry about Donald Trump? Don’t worry, Snickers wants you to know that they’re there for you at reduced prices in your darkest times.

How will Snickers tell when the World Wide Web is in full outrage mode? They’ll evaluate social media postings and then adjust the prices of their products at 7-Eleven accordingly. Here’s the interesting part, though: According to First We Feast, the price may fluctuate as much as 140 times during a 24 hour period.

…Snickers will assess roughly 14,000 social media postings, and lower the cost of the candy bar down to as much as 82 percent off the original shelf price. Though the price may shift more than 140 times in 24 hours, when costumers see a discount they like, they can grab a barcode from and go pick-up a candy bar from 7-Eleven.

That means that people interested in getting their Snickers at the lowest price might have to watch the site like hawks, which could lead to some outrage of its own. Quick question: Will Snickers lower the price if the outrage is all about people trying to get the cheapest Snickers and failing? And wait — how angry does the internet have to be before 7-Eleven just starts tossing a Snickers at everyone who walks through the door just so people won’t get any angrier?

The promotion is only available in Australia for now (reason enough to move if you really love candy?), but is planned to come stateside soon if all goes well. We assume it’ll be timed for the election.